imageJames Barahanos is a Sydney based director of photography, filmmaker and visual artist. His unique creative vision has earned him a number of international awards, representing Australia at overseas film festivals. His work has been represented both locally and internationally, with considerable exposure in Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience both in film and television, with a foundation in the visual arts. A great degree of that film experience has been steadily built as an independent filmmaker.

His international awards include the IFCT (International Festival of Cinema & Technology) award for best experimental cinematography in the USA.  And first prize at the inaugural Kurosawa Film Festival Tokyo, Japan, as director of photography with the Australian short film “The Kitchen”. A film he shot in one continuous ten minute film sequence. The festival being an international showcase to promote the work of emerging filmmakers from around the world, its board members include Martin Scorcese, Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas.

He believes in creating cinematography that is highly innovative, challenging and original in the way that it explores the relationship between camera and performance. His work includes shorts, features, television & indigenous productions.

A strong supporter of local film circles, he is no stranger to the complexities and challenges of the filmmaking medium.

A graduate of the Australian Film Television & Radio School. (AFTRS).

Member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).

Happy Shooting.